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Fit Kids Strength Training

We would love to introduce you to Chris Harper.

Around here he is better known as Coach Chris because that's what he is to so many people.

Chris has spent his life coaching, mentoring and teaching kids. As you use our site you will both see and hear Coach Chris and we hope you love him as much as we do.

The best way to get to know Chris is for us to let him introduce himself.

Chris Harper, Our Fit Kids Strength Coach

"Young people! Coach Chris here and let me tell you, I am a fitness fanatic.

Fitness training has been an instrumental part of my life since I was 5 years old. Having won multiple state championships and competing at professional levels, I know the importance of staying healthy and fit.

Today I lead, serve, and coach at Grace Preparatory Academy, a College Prep School in the Dallas Texas area.

At Grace Prep we have won more than 25 state championships and trained many NFL and NBA athletes.

Fitness training is essential to our success! And not just athletic success, but success in life!

Everyone, whether you’re an athlete or an average Joe, should feel and look healthy and strong. A long healthy life revolves around upper body, lower body, and core strength training.

My favorite aspect of fitness training is strength training - maybe it’s the superhero in me but I like being strong.

Strength training helps both your muscles and confidence grow! Stay strong and I hope to see you soon!"

Give Me Two Claps

One way you'll know it's Chris talking to you is by his trademark saying:

"Give Me Two Claps"

At the end of every movement or routine Chris loves to get the kids to clap their hands together two times as loud as possible to show themselves and others how strong they are getting and as a way of celebrating their accomplishments.

Chris is one of our live coaches. Besides his strength routine, he is also the person that will explain how kids become Junior Fit Kids Instructors and challenges participation every step of the way.