Fit Kids Fundraiser

Fit Kids vs Fun Runs

We are huge fans of companies that offer fun runs. In fact if you don't use our program or the one at Read-a-thon, then we strongly suggest you research the handful of companies that offer the appropriate fun run for your school or group.

So What are the Differences?

  • Fun Runs are event based. A company comes to your school and hopefully sets up a one day running event. The goal is to get your kids to run a minimum number of laps on event day. Prior to that day the kids are encouraged to get people to pledge money based on the number of laps they complete. Fit Kids is not a one day event. It is a one week program where kids are taught physical fitness by 5 different instructors in 5 different fitness areas. We hope our program is longer lasting than a one day event. We hope our program not only teaches kids ways to get physically fit, we also hope they find a fitness area that is fun and that they are willing to pursue long after the fundraiser.
  • Most fun run companies send a swarm of people to your school to encourage your kids to get sponsors. On the surface most people would find this beneficial. But a quick online search for fun run complaints or complaints and use any fun run company name reveals quite the discussion about the time spent and the motivational methods employed by some of those companies. Fit Kids is different. We engage your parents from the very beginning and make the process of getting sponors much easier and much less stressful. We definitely don't interrupt classes to lecture your kids on the importance of getting pledges.
  • Fun Runs are pledge based. They operate the way most old fashioned thon fundraisers did. They want your kids to get as many people to make pledges for each lap they complete on event day. We believe there is a much better way than a pledge-based fundraiser. There are many problems with pledges. First, people aren't sure how many laps will be completed so they tend to pledge less per unit. But the bigger issue is going back to the sponsor to collect the donation after the event. You need to get their attention twice. With Fit Kids there are no pledges. We ask friends and family to make a one-time, lump-sum donation based on the child's participation in the fitness fundraiser. We've found our system generates higher donations, needs to capture the sponsor just one time and gives your group real data on how much you've raised. When we tell you an amount of money raised that money has already been collected.
  • One of the key differences between our program and fun runs is the actal focus on fitness. Of course the fun run companies want you to think they are all about the fitness. But they spend way more time in your class rooms encouraging (some say lecturing) your kids to get more sponsors. The fun run itself is a means to an end. With Fit Kids the time spent with your kids is fitness based. They watch videos from professional trainers and do routines designed for limited space and equipment. Then they are challenged on the video to share what they learned at home by getting family members to learn fitness moves as well. Our program really is about kids fitness.
  • Maybe the most important difference between Fit Kids and the fun run companies is the amount of money you keep. Fit Kids gives you 80% of the money you raise AND we give you all the custom printed full color paperwork you need to get started, a world class platform AND a prize program. In fact we offer everything you need to schedule, start and run your fundraiser. Fun Run companies can often keep more than half the money you raise. Yes they do most of the work. We reduce your work and let you keep the money.