Fit Kids Fundraiser

How to Hold a Fit Kids Fundraiser

There are a few things everyone would agree with. One, of course, we all want Fit Kids.

So we created Fit Kids Fundraising. We believe it is the only true fitness fundraiser for kids.

It is a one week fundraiser. During that week you will share our 5 video lessons in fitness training with your participants. The training includes tutorials and routines covering fitness, agility, strength, dance and yoga.

Here's What You Need to Do

  • Decide childhood fitness is a good thing
  • Sign up your group online at
  • Give us some basic information about your group
  • Promote your Fit Kids Fundraiser more than anything you've ever promoted before. In other words, everyone needs to know about it. Think social media, billboards, etc.
  • Be on the look out for your starter kit. It comes with everything you need including paperwork and instructions.
  • Send home paperwork two weeks before you want to share our five fitness videos.
  • Send a message to all your families through whatever messaging system you typically use. Don't worry. We will tell you what to say.
  • Show one Fit Kids video each day for one week.
  • Send the Fit Kids Junior Instructor paperwork home that matches the video you showed that day..
  • Click end and watch for your check. It will be there before you know it.

Want to know more? Call us at (844) KIDS600 or (844) 543-7600