Fit Kids Fundraiser

Finally a Sports Fundraising Idea That Makes Sense

For years sports leagues and teams would settle for the same old fundraising ideas that fundraising companies peddled to any group that needed to raise money.

The problem was that sports are different.

Why the Need for a Better Sports Fundraiser?

Sports Fundraising Made Simple

It's hard enough these days to get kids physically active. So if you have a child that enjoys a sport do you really want your team or league raising money selling things like candy or cookie dough?

After all, those are the kinds of foods that contribute to childhood obesity. It's kind of like a beer tasting fundraiser for a recovering alcoholic support group. You kind of send our the wrong message.

So if you rule out food then what are you left with?

Glad you asked.

We'd like to introduce you to a fitness fundraiser that will actually teach your kids fitness skills in 5 diverse skill sets. It requires few if any volunteers. There's nothing to sell. And, the best news, is your kids will actually physically benefit from this new program.

Can I tell you more?

A Fitness Fundraiser for Kids

Fit Kids has designed a simple to use fitness fundraiser designed for kids up to around 13 years old (we are working on modules for older athletes).

We provide expert instructional videos teaching your kids fitness exercises in the following 5 areas:

  • Agility - This video works on strength and quickness. Our instructor teaches your kids 5 different agility related moves and then puts them together into a 10-15 minute workout.
  • Strength – This video introduces 5 moves that don't require any equipment and can be done in virtually any available space. The routine covers upper and lower body resistance exercises that offers a full body workout for kids.
  • Yoga – Our certified yoga instructor will teach your kids 5 different yoga poses and explains the benefits of those poses. This is a great routine for relaxation and flexability.
  • Fitness – This video focuses on exercises that are both aerobic and strength based. Your kids will learn a fun routine that will certainly help them get more fit.
  • Dance – Our last workout is a fun dance routine that will teach your kids some fun dance moves while getting their heart rates up as they learn a new dance routine.

How Do We Raise Money?

Fit Kids Soccer Fundraiser

Fit Kids uses the same crowd funding platform developed by It's been tried and proven for more than 6 years.

Here's how it works:

  • Purpose - You start out with something people are willing to support. Virtually every friend and family will acknowledge the decline in youth fitness and the increase in child obesity. So most people will be thrilled to find out that kids are participating in a one week fitness program designed to teach them how to get and stay fit and live a more fit lifestyle. Most of those people will gladly support your group and the fact that you are holding this kind of fundraiser by making a donation.
  • Reaching Potential Supporters – So we agree that most people will support a child learning to get and stay fit. The problem is how do they find out about the program. Our system provides family with a simple, step by step process to communicate with the people most likely to support the child participant. Our tools include a grand parent portal, an easy email address book download, single click emails and single click social media posts. We even offer mobile users the ability to send text messages to people closest to the kid who is participating.
  • Acccepting Donations – Potential donors are given links to a Fit Kids secure donate page. On that page they will see a photo of the Fit Kid, the reason they are raising money and other important information about the fundraiser. That page asks the visitor to make a one time, lump sum donation to support the Kid and the group. Our payment portal is PCI Compliant and one of the most secure payment systems available anywhere.
  • Rewards and Incentives – If raising lots of money and getting your kids more fit isn't enough then let me tell you about the incentive program we offer. Kids will receive a Certificate of Completion when the program is done. Along the way the kids will be asked to share short videos at home so they can teach their families one of the exercises they learned that day. They will become Junior Fit Kid Instructors for every category they share the teaching video. Then we offer 3 different prizes for kids who reach certain donation thresholds. The program is designed to engage the kids and reward them based on their engagement levels.
  • Features and Benefits – Fit Kids Fitness Fundraiser is designed to be the highest profit fundraiser available. Your group makes 80% profit. We provide all the paperwork, promotional tools and prizes needed to hold your fundraiser. Our online dashboard walk your families through the fundraising process and make it so simple they can do their part in literally minutes. Donations are all accepted online so no one handles cash. There's nothing to sell so nothing to deliver. And you need few if any volunteers. One or two people can run the entire fundraiser.

What Sports Groups Use Fit Kids?

  • Soccer Fundraising - Fit Kids is perfect for soccer teams and leagues that want a fundraiser that focuses on skill sets that will make their kids better players.
  • Baseball Fundraiser – Baseball teams and leagues along with Little League and other organized youth baseball organizations are perfect candidates for Fit Kids. Remember our program teaches exercises that improve agility, focus and relaxation. Those are skills essential for kids to become superior baseball players.
  • YMCA and Boys and Girls Clubs – These organizations need to raise money but there are not many options available to them. Besides the obvious physical fitness benefits to Fit Kids the program allows kids to get friends and family living anywhere on the planet to support their fitness fundraiser. The online crowd funding aspect makes this the perfect fundraiser for clubs in any economic neighborhood to raise more money.
  • School Sports Teams – Fit Kids is the perfect school fundraiser. It's also perfect for school teams regardless of the sport. The fact is the program not only provides a simple way to raise money it actually helps your athletes learn better ways to stay fit.
  • Features and Benefits